The Georgia Academy of Audiology is a professional organization of audiologists and friends of the audiology community that promotes quality hearing and balance care by advancing the profession of audiology through leadership, advocacy, education, public awareness, and support of research.*



President's Message

2017-2018 GAA President

Kate Marr, Au.D.





President’s Message by Kate Marr, Au.D.  



Welcome to Spring Georgia Audiologists!  I never thought winter would let go but bring on the beautiful weather, piles of pollen, and tons of allergies to keep our tympanometers busy!  It has been a very busy time since the last time we met.  Take a minute to read these GAA updates. Let us hear from you if we’ve overlooked something important in the information below.


  • We have a great slate for the GAA Board and committees.  Please keep your eyes and ears open for a message coming very soon for you to be informed of who will be joining the board soon.  We will need your vote of approval.  If you are interested in helping us with any of our committees, we would love to have you join us, especially in the area of growing our membership.  Please talk with your co- workers and peers and let them know all the great work that is being done on their behalf.  The times in our industry are changing, as they always have.  I am very happy to have such an amazing team of eyes and “ears” on our board to keep us all doing what we love most! 




  • Legislative session came to an end and we saw nothing but positive conversations happening in sessions this year for Audiology.  We appreciate all the support we received from legislators, our lobbyists, and members that volunteered to speak in favor of Audiologists in the state of Georgia.  We are looking forward to awarding one very special legislator with our first annual “Legislator of the Year” Award.  Make sure to follow us on Facebook for updates on that and other activities.





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