The Georgia Academy of Audiology is a professional organization of audiologists and friends of the audiology community that promotes quality hearing and balance care by advancing the profession of audiology through leadership, advocacy, education, public awareness, and support of research.*



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President's Message

2018-2019 GAA President

Deborah Woodward, Au.D.


Welcome to the new GAA Year! I am very excited to begin this journey with such a great group of

members who are just as passionate as I am about our Audiology career and profession. I would like to
take the time to introduce the 2018-19 GAA Board Members.
President Elect- Rob Allen
Past President- Kate Marr
Treasurer-Kayden Williams
Secretary- Lacey Behn
North Rep-Sara Woolley and Julia Fahrney
Metro Rep-Barbara Goers and Lori Smith
Southern Rep- Doug Lorber and Andrea Webster
These Amazing Board Members have agreed to volunteer their time and talent to keep our association
moving forward! Thanks, again!
I would like to update our members on several initiatives the association will be working on this year.
First and foremost, in order for GAA to survive we MUST continue to grow our membership base. As of
this writing we have 445 licensed audiologists in the state of Georgia and as of this printing only 60
(13%) currently enrolled in the Academy. Your GAA membership committee will be working to attain
new members HOWEVER we can not do this without your help! Please take the initiative to recruit AT
LEAST one new member! There is strength in numbers and protecting our profession from outside
pressures (OTCs, others encroaching on our license) takes a strong grass roots effort which of course
comes with a price.

As you already know, legislative changes are hitting the field of audiology as with most medical
professions (OTC’s, reimbursement, etc.). Alice Cellino along with our lobbyists are perched to respond
to any and all threats to audiology. This legislative protection also comes with a price tag. As the
political climate changes, there will be necessity to “step up” with funds to obtain favorable outcomes
for our state of audiology. I was disappointed upon hearing from our lobbyists that Georgia Academy of
Audiology ranked in the “bottom 2” for PAC donations last year. I am hopeful that this year will bring
change! I would ask that each member begin thinking now “how many cups of Starbucks can I sacrifice
for my audiology PAC donation?” We are at a critical crossroads and need EVERYONE’s help and
financial commitment.
Remember to mark your calendars for this year’s GAA convention! Dates are February 7 th and 8 th , 2019
again at the Georgia Tech Learning Center. Jessica Allen, Holly Kaplan and our convention committee
have an AMAZING speaker line up of professional panel discussions with experts in telehealth and
legislation. There will also be a professional panel gathered to assist AuD students.
I am excited to report that January 28 th has been denoted as “GAA/GSHA Day at the Capitol!” Please
mark your calendars as this is a wonderful opportunity to meet Georgia representatives and have a one-
on -one discussion about legislative issues as they pertain to audiology. Last year was very successful,
and I am hopeful to have even more volunteers in January to represent our Academy on the Hill!
As we are moving audiology into 2019 let’s all remember why we chose the field of audiology and what
it means to each and every one of us. If we keep that passion moving forward with EVERYONE’s time,
talent, and treasure GAA as well as our audiology future will be bright!!
Looking forward to a great year!










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